2019 PALI Annual Investigators Conference

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Devin Chwastyk

Topic: Data Breaches
A patchwork of state and federal laws require that investigators safeguard personally-identifiable information in their files, and require that notifications be issued if there is unauthorized access to such PII. This presentation will summarize applicable data protection laws, breach notification requirements, and related topics.

Rudolph Muller

Topic: Plastic ~ The New Metal … 100 Million Dollar a Year Black Market Industry.

It’s not gold or silver – or even that recession era aluminum… It’s Plastic and Millions of Dollars’ worth of it!

A 2010 Wall Street Journal Article reported that the American Bakers Association claims its members loose over 75 Million Dollars a year to plastic theft. Coca-Cola is quoiting figures of 10 Million Dollars a year and Trader Joes reported a loss of over 2.5 Million Dollars in just an 18-month period. This involves the Dairy, Soft Drink, Baking and Pharmaceutical Industries and the equipment is; Milk Crates, Soda Shells, Bakery Baskets and Tote Containers.

Various corporations contract with private security and investigation agencies or individuals to combat the financial loss and find ways to recover and protect their assets. These investigations can become internal or external and lead to civil litigation and or criminal proceedings.

Biography: Rudolph Muller is a Licensed Private Detective in Pennsylvania & New Jersey and a Certified Security Agent. Rudy oversees and manages investigation, security and consulting services for corporations that include Fortune 2000 companies, specializing in Loss Prevention and Asset Protection Investigations.

Rudy is a retired Law Enforcement Officer having served 25 years as a District Attorney Detective, State Drug Task Force Officer and Municipal Police Officer. Rudy served with the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office in the Trial & Support Divisions, the Philadelphia Police Department in various assignments within the Patrol Bureau, Investigations Bureau & Narcotics Bureau, the Borough of Ivyland Police Department and the Philadelphia Housing Authority Police Department where he was assigned to the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s Office Bureau of Narcotics Investigations.

Rudy holds a Diploma from Montgomery County Community College and the Philadelphia Police Academy, two Undergraduate Certificates from St. Petersburg College/ Southeastern Public Safety Institute, and he is a graduate of “Top Gun” Undercover Drug Law Enforcement Training through Northeast Counterdrug Training Center.

Barry Ryan

Topic: The Future of Our Industry ~ Formulas for Success

Develop a strategic action plan.  Follow it.  This very topic was presented at a PALI conference 21 years ago.  INA followed it.  However, at that time most members were not as seasoned as today – and most were consumed with the idea that another member would steal their client(s).  PALI’s value was under estimated.  Networking, technology and government compliance have formed our path.  Keep an open mind to expand your thought process for some innovative formulas to help implement future success in your business.

John J. Sancenito, CPP

Topic: Corporate Risk from Activist and Extremist Groups

Social media has created a platform for extremist groups to organize activities, recruit new members and influence public opinion. In some cases, propaganda and calls to action radicalize individuals to commit criminal acts in support of their cause. Some sites glamorize “direct action” (criminal activity) while claiming to be alternative independent news sources. Names and home addresses of targeted company employees are often posted online or distributed in publications. These actions have led to employees and their families being harassed, assaulted and heinously victimized. Radical extremist tactics have included arson, mail bombs and even grave robberies; all in an attempt to influence corporate decisions.

Statistics will be used to show the increasing influence of activist groups and the risk they pose to corporations. Case studies will be used to show how activist groups organize, rally, and gather information on corporations they target. The insider threat posed by activists seeking employment with targeted companies will also be discussed.

Practical methods of managing risk from activist groups will be discussed. Legal strategies such as injunctions, civil action, local ordinance and criminal statues will also be examined.

Topic: Protecting Against Insider Threats

Risk prevention programs primarily focus on the threat from outside parties with intentions of attacking the organization. Oftentimes, however, the greatest threat comes from a trusted member on the inside of the organization. This session will discuss the unique threats posed by employees and contractors related to theft, diversion, and workplace violence. The session will focus on prevention and detection of insider threats that may be intentional or unintentional. Strategies and countermeasures for stopping and catching insider threats will be discussed through actual case studies.

Biography: John J. Sancenito is the President of Information Network Associates, Inc. (INA); an international investigative and corporate consulting firm headquartered in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. INA specializes in providing risk management consulting and intelligence services to high-risk industries around the world. More than 20% of Fortune 100 companies engage INA’s services.

Mr. Sancenito is a retired police officer with more than 25 years of law enforcement and security consulting experience. He is a former County Detective with the Cumberland County Pennsylvania District Attorney’s Office, Criminal Investigation Division.

Mr. Sancenito is a nationally renowned speaker and is considered one of the foremost experts on animal rights and environmental extremism. He has lectured internationally on topics including domestic terrorism, animal rights extremism, insider threats, and workplace violence.

He has performed risk assessments and security consulting services for corporations all over the world. He has published numerous articles on risk management and security preparedness. He currently serves as Chairman of ASIS International’s Central Pennsylvania Chapter.




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