Incorporated in 1997, The Pennsylvania Association of Licensed Investigators strives to “raise the bar” for the Private Investigations profession in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  There are 4 types of membership available:

Full: Open to any individual who meets the eligibility requirements set forth by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and is licensed.

Associate: Open to any individual residing outside of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and who is qualified to operate as a private investigator under the respective laws and regulations existing in that person’s jurisdiction.

Affiliate: Open to any individual engaged in the profession of private investigations, or private security services, or who exhibits and expresses an interest in furthering the standards and objectives of PALI.

Service and Industry: Open to any individual or corporation that provides services or products relating to the private investigative industry and has an interest in furthering the standards and objectives of PALI.

Retired: Open to any individual  that has retired from the active practice of investigations and/or security services who wishes to retain all the privileges of membership except the right to vote. Retirement membership is open to any former PALI member who has relinquished his or her private investigators license to the issuing county, has completed the closure of his/her private investigative business, and is no longer employed by any investigative or security agency.

For more information on the different membership types and their respective benefits, please see “Article IV – Membership” of the PALI ByLaws.

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