President Eileen Law, VSM, CMPE
Chairman of the Board William Everman
First Vice President Rod Troupe
Second Vice President Robert T. Kozura
Secretary Kathleen Smith
Treasurer Marc Bourne
Legal Counsel James R. Freeman, Esq.
Executive Secretary Lindsay Kowalski

Directors At Large

Regions 1 and 2 Kim Emes
Regions 3 and 4 Rick Carpenter
Regions 5 and 6 Ed Linton

Regional Directors

R1 Alex Soutos
R2 Adam Nowicki
R3 Charles “Chuck” Kleber
R4 Cindy Henson
R5 George Galovich
R6 Dennis Lagan


Compliance/Non-license Holders
Chair: Ed Linton

Constitution and Bylaws
Chair: Tom Correa

Law Enforcement Liaison
Chair: Chuck Kleber

Chair: John Sancenito

Chair: Kim Emes

Publications and Newsletter
Chair: William Everman

Website and Listserv
Chair: Chuck Kleber