Member Resources

Our members who have contributed these resources have a vast amount of knowledge and experience. They have shared their knowledge and these resources for our members and by our members. The information contained in this section is not intended for republication in any other form for the financial benefit of any single member, but is intended for use only by PALI members in the operation of their practices. In an effort to assist our members in operating their businesses, the following forms and documents are available to download and use.

List of Affiliate Members

Board Meeting Minutes

Billing Guilt – Kitty Haley – An article by Kitty Haley regarding billing guilt

USPS FOIA – A Guide to Privacy and the Freedom of Information Act

USPS Handbook AS353 – Release Information – Procedures related to the disclosure of customer names and addresses.

Client Intake Form

Daily Office Notes

Interview Questions

Investigation Request Form

Investigator Report


PI Expense Log

Investigative Internet Resources

PA Sunrise Evaluation Report